Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Warnings: Danger Will Robinson!

Warnings. They may seem like a simple thing, but for me, they have been VERY complicated! Since starting dd, I have really struggled with warnings. It is as if I viewed SC giving a warning as inconsistency. I couldn't handle warnings....they emotionally messed with me. Weird. I know.

Today, I realized something. I have reached a new place where I can accept warnings. I feel so silly celebrating this! ;)

I had one of those moments know when your mouth has disconnected from your brain like a runaway caboose...

Yeah, anything that starts out "Oh.My.Word. Just ..." is NEVER a good idea. As soon the words were out of my mouth, my mouth dropped open in shock. Did I really just say that?!?! The apology was out of my mouth about as fast as SC's eyebrow ascended into his hairline. We were at a restaurant with the kids so that was the end of it then.

Tonight when we got home from church, I was hugging SC in the kitchen and apologized again for being disrespectful. He said it was ok, and that he appreciated how well I received the correction and apologized.

It was in that moment that I realized I was relieved. I wasn't in trouble. SC had given me a warning, I apologized, and all was right in the world. He wasn't inconsistent, I was able to accept his forgiveness and move on, and I didn't have to be spanked for it. Yeah for major progress!

Oh, and an update to my 7 Day Spring Challenge. I am 3 days in No Yelling!!!! Woohoo! I am so shocked that I have made it this far and so excited to finish the week strong!


  1. Wow! Celebrate! Accepting warnings AND 3 days of no yelling... you go, girl! :)

  2. Way to go on your catching your mistake and righting it and accepting forgiveness. And congratulations on your Challenge accomplishment. May you continue to be blessed. -Belle L.

  3. That's great, keep up the good work :)

  4. Haha. I loved this. Before starting DD, if the professor would say, "be careful" or God forbid, "calm down", I would flip out. Now, I take his warning and step away from the situation or apologize quickly for poor behaviors. I can't tell you how much it's helped me, but it looks like you already know. :) I love it!


    1. amazing how things change, huh?!? lol Glad to be able to heed the warnings! :)