Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's Just Not Natural...

I knew I was in trouble from the warm up. I mean, I had just been spanked the night before. That warm up seriously hurt! I glanced back to his weapon implement choice for the evening. The big wooden paddle. He means business. Oh dear.

He begins. I begin to squirm from the first swat. Apparently I was still tender from the hairbrush the night before...

Be still or I will add more . . . 

Seriously?!? I AM TRYING!!!

The man is spanking me with a huge wooden paddle and I am expected to be STILL?!? Not likely.

Not blocking him. I get.
Not flipping over. I get.
Not getting up. I get.

but STILL???

HOW?!?!? Seriously, how does one stay still for this????

Ok ok. So in all fairness he says some movement is expected. Apparently we have different definitions of "some." <yeah I totally just rolled my eyes>

It's my bodies know, fight or flight??? Either response requires movement.

It's like be still so I can eat you!


SC sees fight or flight as nonsubmission. I see it as a natural reaction to an unnatural experience! Isn't the fact that I am lying over the bed at all enough proof of my submission?!?

In the end I got 2 extras.

I really need to dispose of that paddle...


  1. I agree... staying still is just not natural!

  2. We recently had this same issue, if anyone knows how to overcome it, please let me know ;)


  3. Holding still is definitely not an easy thing to manage lol

  4. Tough to stay still!!! No joke!


  5. Lol staying still is NOT easy, and of course they usually seem to just expect it. Silly men. :p

    1. They do seem to expect it don't they? Pure silliness! Lol