Monday, September 23, 2013

Line Dancing...and friendships

Well, it's official. I get a big "F" in blogging. I cannot believe I have let it go so long without stopping in! Sorry ya'all!

It has been a crazy month, but a good one. and a difficult one.

I spent the better part of the last month questioning a few things about our dynamic and wondering if we would ever make dd "just another part of life." Things seem to change so often in our dynamic that normalcy does not seem to be one description we could use. More to come on this soon...

We were gone for a long weekend last week which was wonderful, and super fun since on top of a weekend away with no kids, (even thought it WAS a work trip for my h!) I got to meet up for lunch with 2 amazing dd wives!

I was totally freaked out. What if we had nothing to talk about? What if we just stared awkwardly at each other? What if I didn't fit the "right" personality for a "good" dd wife...what if it was horrible?!?!

Yeah, totally stressed over it...for nothing! It was amazing! These ladies were awesome, NORMAL, hilarious, and so lovely! Si very grateful for that opportunity. We spent hours laughing. No awkward moments there! :) And totally amazing to get to meet others in the lifestyle-- real people doing this crazy thing we do...knowing you are not alone...

I was sick the whole time we were away and while that meant I went about 2 weeks without being spanked, I didn't go that long without earning they just.added.up. Yuck.

The more they added up, and the more time I went without being spanked, the sassier I got. Yeah, no idea why I do that.

One night we were lying in bed and SC and I were laughing and I started pushing the line...a little. OK, errrr a lot. I was a mess. SC, finally, very done with it all, says "Here's the line and you are over there...crossing it."

No idea why but I burst out laughing.

He saw that as sass and swatted me.

I laughed harder.

He swatted harder.

No wait! <more laughter>  <more swatting> Wait! <he pauses> Wait! <giggle> I am NOT crossing the line. I am dancing on it. <pause> <giggle> Line Dancing!!!!

At that point he couldn't help it and joined me in my giggle fit. (ok ok he didn't giggle...guys don't giggle...but he definitely laughed!)  I am not sure if he just thought I had lost my mind and figured he should join me in my insanity...or... yeah, no idea!

So the truth is, I am pretty good at that-- line dancing that is. Sometimes it gets a laugh and sometimes it gets a swat...occasionally it gets wood and that's just no good...but line dancing is a serious talent of mine! Sometimes I think its rigged...the line moves.