Monday, March 17, 2014

If Disney had the 4 D's


Belle would have never visited the West Wing...

Ariel wouldn't have gone to the surface...

Merida wouldn't have shot her bow and arrow....


Tinkerbell wouldn't have had such an attitude...

Merida would have toned down her "tone"...

Dangerous Behavior

Belle never would not have walked through busy streets with her head in a book . . .

Anna wouldn't have ridden off to the snow covered mountains alone...

Bambi's mom wouldn't have been out in a dangerous pasture and would be alive!


Mulan wouldn't have lied so she could enter battle...putting herself in a dangerous situation...

Ariel wouldn't have lied repeatedly about where she was, who she was with, what she was essence risking her life over and over...

Jasmine even lied about being interested in Aladdin...yeah, that can't sabotage a relationship!

I'm sure there are so many more, If Disney did the 4 D's what would have gone differently???

Interested in the idea of fairy tale Disney meets DD? I just read a fun book by Renee Rose, Casey McKay, and Katherine Deane, The Winter Storm: An Ever After Chronicle, that does just that! A little sci-fi meets fairy tale meets spanking lodge. I am normally a "I like the predictable box" stories, but I really enjoyed this one. This genre is not usually my thing, but I was pleasantly surprised. Really! The characters really drew you in and all of the different story lines came together really well. It was super steamy, the characters were extremely likable . . . fairy tales have never been so fun!

This book sparked my interest in "what if Disney movies spanked?" ;) I can totally see how that could play out!

Another outside the box/ not just the same story line was Renee Rose's Held for Ransom. He spanks her, she spanks him, he spanks her more... the power change in the dynamic made it not so predictable. . .(Then again I like predictable so I don't mind!) ;) There may be some power change, but we all know who is in charge! Strong alpha male, and a girl who loves it . . . great read!

One last one! Probably my favorite of these three-- Humbled by Renee Rose. In this book, the tables are turned when a young aristocrat whose grace saved the life of a little boy finds them grown up and her in need of saving. The young man rises to the occasion and isn't afraid to take her in hand to keep her safe. Loved this!

Yeah, its spring break...the Kindle is loaded. I love it!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Spanked Wives Club Meet Up

OK, so there is no Spanked Wives Club, but there should be. If you are a spanked wife or want to be spanked wife would you like to join???  Camaraderie is an amazing thing...

Last weekend Jennelle from A New Perspective, and Tricia from Love of My Life, Head of the House met up for a girl's weekend. It was awesome!

Day One

We waited for this day FOREVER. I think if we were all honest we doubted it would ever happen. But the day finally arrived. I boarded a plane. The other two girls got in their cars. And in a few hours, we were finally together! A whole weekend, 3 dd wives, and more laughter than you could possibly imagine.

T brought all of her worldly belongings so it was no surprise when her possessions included a firearm, a large cutlery knife, a veggie peeler, and a human organ transplant lunch box.

I seriously thought we would never stop laughing. We all sent a pic of that assortment to our H's and the endless supply of banter about kidney's being ripped out in the middle of the night commenced. I thought my H might be slightly freaked by the pic, but his response?

Woman after my own heart 


We got checked into the hotel, went out to dinner, walked around the mall, and then onto the pool and hot tub at the hotel.

Normal girls night out. Except that our conversation included words like "spanked" "implements" "rules" and "HoH," Our night time conversation turned more intimate....butt plugs, anal sex, toys, restraints.

There were no limits.

We are officially bonded for life.

Day Two

Breakfast at the hotel, off to this ginormous sex store. I think there were three floors. When I told my H where we were going, he laughed so hard! (He has been trying to get me to go for years!) J and I were total sex store virgins and this was quite the experience... although our bedroom has quite a few of the things there so I am no stranger to the contents of the store. ;)

We must have been quite the entertainment for the people who worked there. We were like 3 crazy curious girls showing our semi ignorance  with complete abandon.

We had to call my H several times for some advice...which included sending pics of butt plugs and lube. And questions like "do people really use those? How does it fit???"

Always the kind professional, he was patient and kind and did NOT laugh at us at all. Though we laughed enough at ourselves! And we may or may not have tried out a few implements on each other...I mean...quality control right???

The lady at the counter when we were checking out: "Did you find what you were looking for? You were here for a long time." bahahahaha! In other words, we didn't sneak in with a hoodie, discreetly make purchases and fade into the night...

Off to get pedicures. That's a more "normal" girls weekend activity right? Except I am pretty sure if you looked for those nail license pictures, the lady who did mine would not have one...I think she was just someone's grandma...I kept checking for blood! yikes!

Dinner at the Melting Pot (can you call it dinner when it lasts over 3 hours?!?!?), a trip to Wine World, I mean Total Wine...(they actually have wine stores the size of Target...who know?!?!), I had Moscato for the first time. Can I tell you how hilarious some of our conversations that evening were.

J: Cole, are you going to get in trouble if we drink?
Me: No as long as the driver doesn't.
T: How long? Is two hours enough?
J: You better text. Be sure and ask. I don't wanna get spanked because you got in trouble over this.


that in plastic cups in the hotel room--

J: Are you sure you are allowed?
Me: Yes its fine. OHMY ok, I will text him and let him know so you can stop freaking out.
(I text SC to let him know I am trying Moscato. His response? Do you like it?) I ask J if she is satisfied and we can move on now!

After wine... back to the hot tub.

It is amazing how a conversations can change from submission to homeschooling in .2 seconds....when someone joins you. ;)

We ended our night with a fun phone call from our friend Callie from About US across the pond. I am fairly certain I fell asleep no less than 5 times ... but it was a blast anyway!

Day Three

At breakfast I am fairly certain the man behind us heard me say something about getting spanked. He kept turning around to look at us. And I kept waiting for him to turn around and take pictures. (He didn't!)

Some shopping (found an old rug beater at the Antique store...we left it there...) and lunch at a fun local restaurant and all too soon it was time to head home.

Well not before T realized she left her human organ transplant lunch box in the hotel and we had to call them and have them put it aside for us. When we got there I was surprised that the dude at the counter wasn't wearing gloves the way he handled the lunchbox. He did say the staff had stayed away from the fridge while it was there.

It was seriously the best weekend ever!

Being around like minded friends was amazing. No need to defend your H's obsessive need for you to check in... every time we changed activities we all would do a "text the H check!" To not panic when in front of friends your H requires a "sir" on the phone, or demands you buy something specific at the "toy" store... It was so great to be completely open and know that your friends would all understand. Our goal of the weekend was to get home without having to be spanked upon return. (Almost all of us made that!) ;)

Since starting dd, one of my biggest challenges has been feeling so secretive and not as open and genuine as I have always been...the door to a big area of my life is closed. Hanging out with these ladies was such an amazing blessing. And seriously??? We shared way more than I could have imagined... Do you know how freeing it is to leave the room and NOT panic that someone might peek into your Kindle?!?! Sometimes it's the little things...

So, have any of you had some irl meetups with online or irl dd friends?

Oh, and it's still March Q&A so if you haven't asked a question and want to or have another...I will be answering soon! :)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

It's March....Q&A Month!

I have never participated in March Q&A before...(I had just started blogging last year at this time)...but here I am! Ready and (mostly) willing to answer your questions!

Over my short time in blogland I have so enjoyed getting to know so many of you...and I know there are many readers I have never been blessed to know. 

Won't you take a minute and ask a question? Get to know me a little better...I will compile all of your questions and answer them to the best of my ability in a separate blog post.

Let the interrogation begin! Just kidding....I hope! ;)