Saturday, February 16, 2013

Target Mocks Me . . .

Target is like Disney World to me. I love it! It is amazing the wonderful deals to be found in that dollar discount section, the clearance kids clothes, and other random things. I could go in for toilet paper and be reminded of all of the wonderful things I forgot I needed (or never even knew I needed!)

Well, let's say that for the last six months (the duration of our dd relationship thus far), I have avoided Target like the plague. I have a $30 spending limit without permission. I assure you I cannot spend less than $30 at Target. So, I stay away. The regular grocery store is much safer! ;)

Last night we were having a family outing and we ran by Target for me to get a few things I needed. A FEW. I asked my HoH to go in instead...self preservation, right?!? Well, he assured me that I knew better what we needed and that I could handle it. : /

I tease my dh about his "twitchy palm" all the time (50 Shades reference) . . . but I kind of empathized last night...My hand kept reaching for things to put in the cart. Sales, clearance . . .oh I love that! 

And then...I saw these...

and these . . .

Was Target mocking me? My hands suddenly felt less twitchy and I felt compelled to leave quickly...without any of those! And with only the things I needed.

I was so proud of myself! Too bad I actually did get spanked last night, but it had nothing to do with Target. .

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