Monday, February 11, 2013

Hello World!

So there is something therapeutic about telling the world...ok well the internet...about our life. Six months ago my hubby and I thought we had a fantastic marriage. And then, I stumbled upon dd online. Depends on who you ask about who got the ball rolling (but that is a subject for another post!), and here we are happily living a domestic discipline life! I know people out there think we are crazy. Goodness, there are days when I think we are crazy! ;) But we could not be happier. Our marriage has been redefined. Me, the independent, self confident, I can do do anything you can do woman is thrilled to submit to my husband. To be led, to obey, to be protected, to be told no, and yes, to be disciplined. This is a crazy life, but I absolutely love it. Sure it has its ups and downs, but we are amazed at the changes it has brought in our marriage. It has given my husband a voice. A platform to rise to lead our family. He is thriving in his role as HoH, and contrary to previous thought, I really am capable of submission. Who knew?!? I started this blog simply to share a little of our journey in dd. It can be a lonely place, seemingly living a secret life, and I know we can all use extra support!

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