Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spanking and Guilt Absolution

I don't get it.  I really don't. What about spanking absolves my guilt? Last night as hubby and I went to bed I was overwhelmed with guilt over something. Our conversation went something like this: (let's call hubby know like Prince Charming only Spank Charming) ;) 

Me: I'm not sure if I need to confess something,
SC: what do you mean?
Me: does one need to confess something that was thought or said not to that person.
SC: I don't think I would spank for a thought. If you didn't say it, you took it captive.
Me: but I did say it out loud, just AFTER I hung up the phone.
SC: was it something you seriously think or just said in anger?
Me: just in the moment.
SC: what did you say?
Me: I don't want to tell you if I don't have to.
SC: ok.
Me: ugh <head in pillow>
SC: what's wrong?
Me: but I feel so GUILTY! What if I might have called you a name... (Knowing full well SC HATES this particular word.)
SC: hmmm I see. I thought it might be that. Well, I still don't think I would spank you for a thought. You showed control and didn't say it to me.

Now this is the part I should have said, thank you for being understanding....and gracious. Blah blah blah. No. Darn guilt.

Me: but I did say it....
At this point SC knows I won't get over it and he needs to punish me. I soooooo do NOT want to be punished....but I HATE that overwhelming feeling of guilt.

SC: <sigh as he heads to the closet>

Oh dear...

SC: over the bed.

Why is it with two hard strokes of the paddle I feel better? Bizarre....

A few minutes later...

Lying in bed cuddled up against him.

SC: if you want to feel what hell feels like, just say that word to my face.

Me: "Yes sir"

Bottom on it. Yikes!

Hmmm...I did hear humor behind that, right? Right? ;)

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