Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Bold, the Bald, and the Beautiful!

Over the last 10 months we have undergone many changes, not the least among them are the new friends I have made through the online dd community...

One such friend is Christina @ Redbootywoman. I have spent many hours chatting, talking, and seeking her advice. She has provided answers, encouragement, support, friendship, and laughter.... all to someone she doesn't "know." I am blessed to call her friend.

Though I have not met her irl, I know she is beautiful! Her heart is kind and giving. Giving people often find themselves giving more than they ever imagined they could give. And she is about to give something crazy! Yes, crazy good, but crazy all the same!

Christina's mom is suffering from ALS, and Christina has made an announcement of how she plans to help, and give of herself in honor of her mom.

Christina's announcement:

     This year, I am shaving my head to raise funds.  Goodbye hair. Hello scalp.       
       Bald as a baby's bottom!  I want to do this for 2 reasons; to raise money for ALS  
       research and support, but on a personal level, because I want to offer a personal 
       sacrifice in my Mom's name, while she is still with us.  What is more personal that         my hair? 

So, will you join her in her generous giving? You can even keep your hair! ;) Will you donate to an awesome cause for a great mentor and friend in the dd community?

Oh, and a fun bonus! Blondie over @ Blondie's Blog has generously teamed up with Christina and is offering a raffle for one of her world famous pocket paddles. Give a donation of any amount and then head over to Blondie's Blog and comment to get entered into the raffle. (Just be warned, if you are a dd wife and  your HoH hears about it.... he just might order you to enter the raffle-- not saying from experience or anything... ;)

Oh, and everything can be completely confidential! Just donate anonymously.

Donate here

Join in on a great cause for a great friend. :)

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