Sunday, October 6, 2013

"Am I Making Myself Clear" Spankings

We talk a lot about the different kind of spankings we as dd wives receive-- punishments, maintenance, stress relief, resets, good girl ...well, I experienced a new one this week. I know, lucky me right?!?

SC was gone for a few days last week and though it was was long enough for me to do something STUPID. Yeah. Super stupid. And seriously y'all, I don't even use the word stupid. It's like a total four letter word around here.

I totally lost it and screamed at one of the kids. I was so totally ashamed, devastated really. I cannot believe I did it. I have always been a yeller, but we have made such strides in this area...I cannot believe I screwed up so badly. I apologized soon after it happened and worked hard to make it up to him. He was the sweetest thing ever and forgave me right away. We redeemed the day, and actually had a great rest of the day.

But, I couldn't undo what had been done. My fate was sealed.

When he gets home from a trip it is always so bitter sweet...I can't WAIT for him to get home, but I totally know with him comes the spanking of all the rules I have broken...

Besides the crazy loss of my mind with our child, I had a speeding incident that involved 15 mph over the limit...

I knew it was bad when he sent me up to our room, and lie on the bed to wait for him. He never does that.
Then I should have further deduced the seriousness of the moment when I saw 2 wooden paddles, a leather paddle, and a strap. GULP.

Further understanding might have been had when he told me to lie flat on the bed for the warm up so it wouldn't be so long OTB later. GASP.

What in the world?!?

I am going to make this memorable. The next time you go to scream at our kids, I want you to remember this so we don't end up back here. 

A whole-heck-of-a-lot of spanks later...

Am I making myself clear?

Crystal....sir. ;)

I don't recommend "Am I making myself clear" spankings...I recommend avoiding them at all costs.


  1. Sounds like he made himself CRYSTAL clear alright!! Oh my, I'm sorry for your backside, Cole!!
    On a happier note, at least you and your son managed to get past your slip-up. That's what really will matter, in the long run. Your rear end will heal (eventually!) :)

  2. OUCH! I'm so sorry for your bottom ;) SC sounds like he was MAD :P


  3. Ouch! 4 implements. I used to yell at my kids a lot but since DD I have only lost my temper and screamed twice. I know how that feeling of shame and remorse feels. I would much rather have 4 implements on my butt then that feeling I have after yelling at my kids.

    I hope you are feeling better.

  4. Oh, I hate being sent in there to wait alone. Total feeling of impending doom! I'm afraid I've heard the "Am I making myself clear" too many times already.

    Hugs my friend!

  5. Cole,
    Sounds like a rough one
    Thinking about you

  6. I've only got a few of those "Am I making myself crystal clear?" spankings, but they are definitely memorable. Steve doesn't say that line very often, but when he does, it's because it's a major issue or one that he's already dealt with more than once and doesn't want to have to do again.

  7. Yes, as Dana said: am I making myself clear usually refers to a repeat offence:(
    However, most of us parents have been there on the screaming front, I know I have. As long as it isn't the norm which it obviously isn't for you as you are upset by it and apologised straight away. Sometimes it's hard being a parent (or a DD wife!)

  8. Yikes! I know that feeling well and nothing drives the point home like that "Am I making myself clear" line. Four implements is something I've never experience, and hope I don't any time soon!