Monday, October 28, 2013

His and Her's Meme

A little late to the party, but we finally got around to answering Callie's Meme from About Us. Jennelle at A New Perspective and Tricia at Love of My Life, Head of the House also participated if you haven't checked them out yet. 

The first set of questions are me answering about my H, and the second set are his answers about me. 


1. Using three words, describe your husband’s personality.
Loyal, honest, caring
2. What cologne do you prefer him to wear?
Polo sport
3. He looks totally sexy wearing…
These super sexy black boxers he has…
4. You’re going on vacation and the first thing he packs is:
An implement…and then his fishing stuff.
5. Would he pay a tradesman (plumber/electrician/builder) or do it himself?
He does everything himself…I have to beg for him to hire someone just because we don’t get enough time with him!
6. Would he rather watch sports or play sports?
Watch football…play—fishing (that’s a sport right?) and kayaking
7. If you could buy him any brand new car, what would you get him?
A truck… an F250
8. The stereo in his car is most likely playing:
9. His favorite tv show:
Duck Dynasty
10. His hand gets itchy when:
Just one thing? When I get disrespectful…or speed...or yell...or roll my eyes...yeah...he's twitchy ;)
11. What is he likely to be doing on the weekend?
Helping around the house, playing with the kids, watching football, fishing every once in awhile when he can get away…
12. How many siblings does he have?
He’s an only child..
13. The thing I love most about him is:
He is the best listener … for me and anyone who needs a listening ear. He is the one everyone comes to in crisis.

1.  Using three words, describe your wife's personality.
Exciting, determined, sanguine
      2. What perfume do you prefer her to wear?
She doesn’t wear perfume          
3.       She looks totally sexy wearing…
      4.       You’re going on vacation and the first thing she packs is:
The kids’ stuff
      5.       Would she pay a cleaner/housekeeper or do it herself?
She would rather pay, but she does it herself anyway       
6.       Would she rather watch or Play sports?
      7.       If you could buy her any brand new car, what would you get her?
I think she has her perfect car.
      8.       The stereo in her car is most likely playing:
Kids Music Together or Way FM
      9.       His favorite TV show:
Currently? We don’t watch TV. I guess I would have to say Covert Affairs? Is that right? I don’t know that she has a favorite…
     10.   Your habit that she finds really irritating
      Which one? I can only list one? Let’s see…tickling her feet.
     11.   What is she likely to be doing on the weekend?
Running kids around…
     12.   How many siblings does she have?
     13.   The thing I love most about her is:
I hate those “most questions” there’s too many things to choose from. I have to pick one? <yes> Her integrity.

Well that was fun...even if it took forever to get those questions answered! :) 


  1. These are always cute. It's nice to learn more :)

  2. Awe, I loved it! I seriously had to look up the meaning of sanguine, probably shouldn't admit that.


  3. Adorable answers, you both sound lovely :)

  4. Awe :) Very sweet!

    I like the "he's twitchy" part!! Not that that's a good thing, just funny!!

    1. Thanks! :) I borrow the 50 Shades line and tell him to "stow his twitchy palm" often! lol