Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fight, Flight, or Freeze???

Humans tend to have a fight or flight reaction to conflict or danger. It is a defense mechanism, and most of us have experienced this at some point or another.

Since starting dd I find that I face this fight or flight reaction more than ever before.

While washing dishes...

Folding clothes...

Making dinner...

Getting out of the shower...

Getting in the shower....

Getting dressed...

Getting out of bed...

Lying in bed...

Picking something up off the floor....

Getting something out of the refrigerator...

You see anytime SC is behind me, and my bottom is accessible, he feels compelled to swat it. I can see that arm swing back and "fight or flight" involuntarily sets into motion! I jump out of the way, sidestep around him, dive for get the idea...

Well, this makes him mad. OK maybe not mad but definitely annoyed (in a playful yet serious like only he can pull off sort of way!) And without fail he makes me get back into position so he can swat me. This is NOT punishment, not swats I have earned...just (to steal Stormy's term) "helifino" swats...just cause I can swats. And if I move out of position, because who wouldn't naturally flee impending doom on one's derriere?!?! He swats extras! Seriously?!?! When I ask why he says because I moved out of position.

ummm hello?!?! I am supposed to hold position eternally for whenever the urge to spank my bottom hits you?!?! Ummm no....because well, the body's natural defense mechanism is fight or flight!

When SC comes swatting, my body going flighting! On the super crazy occasion my body goes fighting ... that's even worse! He will come up behind me and playfully swat my bottom (why does something playful have to hurt?!?!) and I will swing around and smack his shoulder or whatever I can reach.

Oh yeah you read that right. Occasionally I have swatted back."Fight"-- the body's natural defense mechanism! I can't help it!!! Immediately upon fight or flight I realize what I have done and my mouth drops open (especially if it was fight!) And at this point in the game I am well aware of what will happen next..

You see I tried to explain that fight or flight WAS a natural reaction and what did he want me to do???

His response?


I began to giggle. Flight, Fight, or....Freeze!?! 

So now...fight or flight still plagues me here or there...I mean come on...but after the jump out of position at the kitchen sink or the accidental slap to the shoulder after he has swatted me...right back bent over wherever I was to receive the play swat he intended...along with a few extra....all because my darn body chose flight or fight over Freeze!


  1. Cole,
    This post is so true caused by a swat happy hubby. I have been there, No wait........ I am there! The trouble with those swats is that can turn real in a heartbeat.

    1. So true Meredith! How fast playful swats can turn real! As in every time "fight" is the response! ;)

  2. Lol! I soooo get where you are coming from with this one. I usually block with my hands or swat back. It gets me nowhere other than bent over the nearest table or chair.

    Good luck with the freeze.


    1. Blocking or covering is natural....I have tried to explain that! But...they don't get it do they! ;)

  3. Wow. Yeah, I totally understand. I try to walk backwards when I'm around him...and I've hit him back too before. Oops :)

    1. I totally walk backwards around him ALL the time! Lol it rarely works because whenever he wants he just says"turn around". So not fair! Lol

  4. Thank you for posting this in a humorous way! It happens all the time around here, too. I know they're just swatting because they can! I fight back, too sometimes and I actually think it's pretty funny to see the look on his face when I do that. It doesn't end well, but it's funny for a second or two.

  5. Oh definitely happens in this house. I showed this post to him and he laughed saying" yes that's me...oh and you do that.....but I never ever freeze if you slap me back. Why would anyone freeze if their wife did that?"
    "No darling but I do"
    And yes to the walking backwards too.
    Great post

  6. I usually choose "flight". These playful happy swats seem to be his favorite.