Thursday, July 25, 2013

Quiet is not always QUIETER...

There are a few situations that bring great challenge to the dd lifestyle. We are no stranger to them-- especially challenges such as children and house guests.

We always have children. ;)

And right now...we have house guests...not just any house guests....but teenagers...

At first we just thought we would "save up" all the punishments for after they left... yeah, I said "save up". I mean, for real...I have NEVER gone a week punishment free, let alone 2.5 weeks!

BUT...Have I mentioned I HATE waiting?!?! Well, I hate waiting. It is terrible, no good, very bad. Yes, miserable. I hate waiting. There. I said it again.

So, instead of waiting, SC offered to "get it over with" in the garage. Big sigh. I took it. Stupid me. Apparently his weapon err implement of choice this week is to be the tilt wand.

Seriously dear...tilt wands are to open the blinds....NOT to spank bottoms. Really. Seriously.

I experienced it last would think I would have worked really hard not to meet up with it again.

Oh wait. I did! I did NOTHING today to earn a spanking. Miraculous, right?!?! Yeah. Apparently too good to be true. I didn't do anything TODAY, but I did get an email reminding me that I forgot to pay a bill. OOPS.

I mean, I FORGOT!!!!

Yeah, yeah, I know I procrastinated paying it...and yes, procrastination is a punishable offense. grrrrrrrr.

The garage, with Senor SC, and the tilt wand.

You would think the looming doom of that dang awful weapon implement would make me on my best behavior. Nope.

SC: Why are you being punished?

Now, I really hate this question. Often random answers come to mind and the sarcastic comments usually get swallowed and I manage to give the correct answer.

NOT tonight...oh no.

Me: Because you are mean. <enter snarky smile here>

SC: Seriously? That just got you double

Me: <insert nervous laugh> NO! I was just kidding!!!

SC: Do you think this is funny?

well...I thought it was.....I OBVIOUSLY don't think it is funny any more. (I managed to keep in any sarcasm about lack of sense of humor--that one's never gone well for me before.)

Me: No sir.

It's the garage so it echos. Even with music on, I fear anyone hearing. Apparently he did too because the warm up was short and then....




I am not sure how many but it was however many it was that many too many...and then...the dreaded words.

SC: We would have been done here if you hadn't backtalked. Do you really think I am mean for following through on what you have agreed to be held accountable?

ugh. Logic is so overrated.

THWAP! A few too many of those and FINALLY he laid it down on the table. sheesh.

You see. The quiet implements? Are not always so QUIET. The impact sound might be less, but the sounds coming from me....well, I was mostly quiet tonight. The fear of someone hearing kept me mostly quiet. But good grief the yelling in my head?!?! Totally LOUD!!!!

Quiet is so overrated.

And tilt wands? Are for BLINDS. ;)


  1. Hey Cole!!
    I agree logic is WAY overrated, and tilt wands are seriously the WORST!! Good luck with your house guests.

    1. I know...why do HoH's have to be all logical?!?! ;) Tilt Wands= ick!!!

  2. Oh my word...I just experienced the tilt wand on our vacation this past week...yuck! I'm about to publish a post very similar lol.

    1. evil aren't they??!?! I need to glue them onto the blinds.... ;)

  3. Haha Cole!! "Because you are mean" is one of my favorite things to say when asked that's also one of the dumbest...
    Sorry you are having such a rough day :( I hope u have a better day tomorrow. ((Hugs))

    1. I know...why do we say such ridiculous things? And not just once. Sheesh. I say that ALL the time. And it NEVER goes well for me! lol

  4. Oh Cole
    Its hard when you have tried to do good and then something creeps up on you that you have forgotten.
    We don't have a tilt wand but had a dowel rod that I thought might be similar.....yes, keep trying to avoid that!
    Good luck

    1. It is tough...disheartening really... A dowel rod huh? We have one up in our bedroom...not sure what it really is for...but he has threatened it seems huge and ominous...I wonder how it would compare to the tilt wand... well, I don't wonder enough to actually find out!;)

  5. All the tilt wands in my house are missing. Broken across my butt. I think its funny when my hubby goes to use them to turn the blinds and he starts laughing and remembers where they went. Hope you have a better day and my blinds issue makes you laugh to. Since we have 27 windows in our house, I giggle everyday.

    1. oh my word! Broken!??! Yikes! Guess I should be thankful he didn't spank me hard enough for that! :) 27 broken tilt wands?!? Yikes!!!

  6. Goodness! Sorry about all that! I am now very thankful that we don't have any tilt wands at our house. I mean, he has a arsenal of other weapons, but no tilt wands. Now, be good!

    1. Our arsenal is growing... and he is getting more creative. Ick. Yes, be very glad. I will choose other window accents in our next house. :)

  7. Lol, aw - I personally love the, "because you are mean" comeback, but I usually try to keep that in my head - although it doesn't always work!

    I've never been spanked with a tilt wand, yet i've read things about them from bloggers that make it sound very effective!

    Even though it hurt, i'm glad you were able to get it over with!

    1. Yeah my filter is all too often missing and that which is supposed to stay in my head comes out. :( It was effective all right! ;)