Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lectures and a Broken Paddle

This happened a few weeks ago, but I am just getting around to posting it. :)


I have been warned not to embellish this post. So I will stick to the facts. ;) 

The last few weeks have been crazy. I have been stressed, my HoH has been more than gracious and we have been in survival mode. My HoH noticed me "slipping" and as soon as things began to settle just a little, he called time out to the grace period. All rules back in force and a long maintenance session to get us back on track. 

Oh joy.

A few lessons learned from above mentioned "long maintenance session:"

1. Do not suggest listening to a podcast on lecturing before an upcoming spanking. Geeez.

2.  Do not begin to giggle uncontrollably when your HoH tells you your behavior could get you arrested. (Dang speeding!) 

3. Laughing harder when called out for ill placed giggling gets you spanked HARDER.

4. Wooden paddles when applied with force to one's bare bum do indeed break. (What kind of wood you ask? Oh don't take away all the fun by asking details. Oh I was told not to embellish? Oh right...ok ok it was bamboo. Yeah I know those aren't like the big ones...but goodness...he STILL broke a paddle on my bum!)

5. Paddles being broken during a spanking cause for more laughter, but not the end of a spanking. Though I saw the amusement in his eyes, he didn't hesitate to pick up another implement and get back to it. 

6. He is consistent and I am so very grateful for the wisdom he shows in leading me.

The only thing in common this pic has with the one that broke is the shape... ;) 


  1. Lol! Sorry Cole but that was funny. I totally get the giggling at the wrong time, I do it myself ;)

    Sometimes we just have to look at the funny side.


  2. I can't help but laugh hysterically when items break, not out of disrespect its just usually the comment that comes out of his mouth at the time. How can anyone have such a hard butt.Wish my thighs were as strong and unaffected as my butt.

  3. Sorry to giggle ahem- at your um misfortune...

    Dev broke something on me once but however it broke- he continued to spank me with it! We were in an awkward place so he had let me keep my fleece pants on and when he was done, there were splinters in the pants.

    I was incredulous- I mean like you broke the paddle and you kept going?! I have splinters in my pants!

    He was like so, it still worked.


    It's nice that you share the intimacy that you you can giggle at this, right?

    Thank goodness for the closeness spanking brings in a couple. thanks for sharing your tale.

  4. Oh isn't it so hard not to giggle sometimes when they expect us to be so serious?!

    I'm glad you learned some valuable lessons. :)

  5. I've laughed before and he just says "are you ACTUALLY laughing right now?" And I always do love a good "broken paddle" story. I wish you could have embellished more...:)