Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bear Hugs and Prayers for Emily!

While our community is under fire, we get an opportunity to ignore the trash and do what we do best--support one another. Christina (from Red Booty Woman) and Jim's youngest daughter Emily is in critical condition. They need our prayer and support during this time. Every day at 9pm we join together across the globe to pray for Emily, but don't stop there. Many of us can't stop thinking about their family and little Emily. Pray constantly. If tou have a blog, repost this picture and increase support for some great members of Blogland that need us right now. Praying for healing, strength, peace, and rest!


  1. Continuing prayers...

  2. I love seeing this all across blogland as we all join in together to pray for this little one and her parents and family.

    ♥ Cali

    1. Me too! This community is such a blessing!