Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I'm Alive, I'm sorry, and I FINALLY have your answers!!!

March WAS Q&A month. And yes, I am vaguely aware that it is no longer March. . . and barely still April... Like the sad slacker that I am, life took over and I temporarily abandoned you all. I am so sorry!!!

You guys came up with some amazing questions floating around blogland. I am impressed! I didn't forget you. I am still alive. I am still a dd wife (got spanked last night in fact!) :(

Hope you enjoy the little window into our lives I hope these answers offer. Enjoy!

What is the biggest change you have seen in your husband since you started dd? --Betsy

This is such a great question. I have seen so many changes in him. He has certainly thrived in his role as Head of House. One of the greatest changes I have seen is he is more confident, not only in our marriage and relationship, but in all walks of life-- his work, church, all relationships. It is like dd and being the Head of House has unleashed who he truly was-- gave him a platform of confidence.

Is there an implement you guys have yet to use, that you'd like to try? --Kenzie

SC is such an implement junkie, there are quite a few he wants to try. As for me, where is the feathers and pillow implements?!?!?

SC said "I have them all and I use them all." :P Oh, but he said he would like to use a tawse...but alas he does not own one. (and I hope to keep it that way!)

Ok, ok, the spanko side of me is crop curious....I was totally a horse lover growing up...it might be a bit of a fantasy we may have to explore someday. ;) (We did have a sort of crop once, but to me it was more dressage whip-like than crop and it hurt like crazy. I was NOT disappointed when it broke!)

SC has been eyeing this one from Cane-iac. <shudders>

If  you could hide one implement and get away with it which would it be? --Kenzie

The big wooden paddle. For sure. No question. Garsh that thing hurts!

How was DD introduced to both of you, and how did you bring it up? Your favorite ice cream flavor? --Jennelle

Well, see, that is an interesting story. I came upon the concept of dd on an online homeschooling forum. Yeah, random huh?!?! When I first opened the thread I thought domestic discipline was along the lines of how to be disciplined in your domestic duties....  you know, like the fly lady! Wow, my google search was NOT what I expected. :P

I was intrigued however, and decided to bring it up to SC in a "hey this could be fun to play around in the bedroom" kind of thing. Somewhere along the line he thought I was asking for it for real (I wasn't!) He asked for a one month trial, I reluctantly agreed-- but after a month we were both believers!

Ice cream? I LOVE Mint Chocolate Chip :)

Where would you go on holiday if expense was no object?
What is your favorite food? --Jan

Oh fun question! I can dream... We have always wanted to go to Barbados or St. Thomas...I have always wanted to go to Hawaii, and an Alaskan cruise is on my Bucket list. :) I love to dream... ;)

Food? hmmm I don't know why but this question is always so hard for me...I love Chinese and Mexican ....

If you could start all over again, are there any changes that you would make? What would they be and why? --EsMay

Yes. I would relax a little more about everything. The perfectionist side of me freaked whenever anything wasn't feeling "perfect." Time works a lot out, and I wish I would have given us the gift of time as we figured things out instead of expecting everything to be perfect when it was still new.

How did you learn to be so tidy and organized? Were you always that way pre DD? --Tiffany

This question totally made me LAUGH. For real, I looked around like, are you talking to me???? I don't think I am tidy or organized...well, except for the homeschool part of me -- that side is impeccably organized most of the time. ;)

SC is much more of a neat freak than I am. Although, I do enjoy a clean house...perhaps since I feel like a slob compared to my mothers expectations growing up, I might be slightly skewed in my perspective. :)

SC said "You've never been tidy and organized in your life." When I complained that was NOT entirely true and asked him if our house is usually clean and who cleans it, he admitted, "Communal space you clean...but your personal space (i.e. my closet!) you don't clean.

Hey, nobody is perfect. ;)

Do you see yourself and your husband still doing dd when you are old. Like seeing yourself over the bed and him spanking you. --Blondie

Hmmmm. . . Thought provoking question...I do hope we are still in a dd/TTWD relationship. It works for us and there are so many benefits. But perhaps I can wish and dream that by the time I am old and gray I will be so perfect I will no longer need to be bent over the bed for punishments??? (A girl can dream right?!?!?)

Again, I am so sorry for the disappearing act, and I promise to get back to blogland!!!


  1. Welcome back Cole, life does get in the way doesn't it? Enjoyed reading your answers and learning more about you. An Alaskan cruise is on my bucket list too and I love your answer to Es May's question.


  2. Alaskan cruise is on our list too, let's make that happen one day :) and I LOVE mint chocolate chip ice cream too!


  3. Totally with you on big wooden paddles!!! Ick.. Wish ours would go play in a fire pit some place far, far away from me. :0)

    Irish Lucky

  4. Cole! Good to see you back, you've been missed!

    That paddle he has been eyeing looks kinda... OUCHHH! lol

  5. Amazing what this lifestyle does for a man, right? Glad to see you back