Monday, March 17, 2014

If Disney had the 4 D's


Belle would have never visited the West Wing...

Ariel wouldn't have gone to the surface...

Merida wouldn't have shot her bow and arrow....


Tinkerbell wouldn't have had such an attitude...

Merida would have toned down her "tone"...

Dangerous Behavior

Belle never would not have walked through busy streets with her head in a book . . .

Anna wouldn't have ridden off to the snow covered mountains alone...

Bambi's mom wouldn't have been out in a dangerous pasture and would be alive!


Mulan wouldn't have lied so she could enter battle...putting herself in a dangerous situation...

Ariel wouldn't have lied repeatedly about where she was, who she was with, what she was essence risking her life over and over...

Jasmine even lied about being interested in Aladdin...yeah, that can't sabotage a relationship!

I'm sure there are so many more, If Disney did the 4 D's what would have gone differently???

Interested in the idea of fairy tale Disney meets DD? I just read a fun book by Renee Rose, Casey McKay, and Katherine Deane, The Winter Storm: An Ever After Chronicle, that does just that! A little sci-fi meets fairy tale meets spanking lodge. I am normally a "I like the predictable box" stories, but I really enjoyed this one. This genre is not usually my thing, but I was pleasantly surprised. Really! The characters really drew you in and all of the different story lines came together really well. It was super steamy, the characters were extremely likable . . . fairy tales have never been so fun!

This book sparked my interest in "what if Disney movies spanked?" ;) I can totally see how that could play out!

Another outside the box/ not just the same story line was Renee Rose's Held for Ransom. He spanks her, she spanks him, he spanks her more... the power change in the dynamic made it not so predictable. . .(Then again I like predictable so I don't mind!) ;) There may be some power change, but we all know who is in charge! Strong alpha male, and a girl who loves it . . . great read!

One last one! Probably my favorite of these three-- Humbled by Renee Rose. In this book, the tables are turned when a young aristocrat whose grace saved the life of a little boy finds them grown up and her in need of saving. The young man rises to the occasion and isn't afraid to take her in hand to keep her safe. Loved this!

Yeah, its spring break...the Kindle is loaded. I love it!


  1. I like your taste, Renee is my fave :-)

  2. I love Renee, very nice right up on her books.
    I really laughed at your Disney DD, it made me giggle

    1. Thanks! She is great! Glad it made ya smile! ;)

  3. Ha ha! I love the Disney meets the 4 D's!! Thank you so much for the great write up! And thanks to River Wild and Blondie, too for their sweet comments!!

    1. You are so welcome, thanks for writng great books! ;)

  4. Thanks so much! I'm so thrilled you liked the book. You do have good taste, Renee is one of my favorites too :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by! It was a great book!

  5. I hadn't had a chance until now to read this. I love it!!!

  6. Hi Cole, I'm sorry I am so late here. I just found you and wanted to pop in a say hi :)

    Enjoyed reading this. Loved your Disney and the 4 D's. Wonderful write up of the books!